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Steel Pintle Chain
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what is steel pintle chains?

The steel pin chain is a versatile product designed to move large volumes of material. These chains can be used on a variety of agricultural equipment including spreaders, feeding systems and spray boxes. Their open barrel design prevents material build-up, making them a flexible and effective solution for a variety of applications.

steel pintle chain

What is the pintle chain used for?

Pintle chains are used in various applications, from agricultural machinery to wastewater treatment facilities. They are very durable and can handle heavy loads. These chains are also highly resistant to corrosive environments. In agricultural applications, they are used in grain handling equipment, fertilizer spreaders, forage harvesters, etc.
The pivot chain is constructed with a one-piece cast offset link construction. The links are connected by steel pins. The pins are locked in place by side rails to prevent them from turning. Only one size, these chains are ideal for harsh environments. These chains are most commonly used in sugar and palm oil mills.
Pin chains are widely used in industrial applications, agricultural applications, and food processing. Their low-wear design prevents excessive contact with changing gear surfaces, and their high load threshold enables them to handle sudden or drastic load changes. They are also instrumental in mining applications as they can withstand high loads even when the chain is in the reverse position.
Steel pin chains get their name from the way they connect. They come with a pin, usually a bolt or pin. This allows for pivoting or articulation, which helps build a strong and flexible chain. Steel pins attach the barrels and join them, giving them the extra strength they need.

The benefits of steel pintle chains


Pintle chains are used to move bulk materials over long distances and are versatile. They can withstand heavy loads and are easy to repair and replace. They are widely used in industrial settings such as water treatment plants, mining applications, conveyor belts, lift applications, and agricultural processes.
These chains are also used in sugar mills to increase harvest rates. The steel used in these chains includes a mixture of alloy steel and stainless steel for the longest life. They also feature nickel, chrome, and stainless steel plating for added chain durability. These steel pivot chains are available in a variety of finishes to suit customer needs.
The pivot chain has a wider surface area, which means it can carry more material than a traditional auger. Its high load-carrying capacity means it can be set to a “max flow” setting to move large amounts of material at once. It is also easy to clean and maintain.


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Features of steel pintle chain

Simple one-piece style with open barrel design

Widely used in applications involving sticky, bulky materials

Heat Treated Parts with Rivets

Square Pile Pins provide increased durability.

Smooth operation


What is the heaviest grade for a Pintle chain?

Pintle chains are used in many applications where large materials must be moved quickly. They are durable and easy to repair if damaged.

The smooth outline of the links helps accentuate sharp edges. They are widely used in agricultural applications, water treatment facilities and conveyor belts. They are also commonly used in vehicles. Other applications include bicycles, fertilizer spreaders, forage harvesters and grain handling.

A pivot chain consists of many links that are held together by metal pins. Each link has a sidebar backed by other links. The links are connected by D-shaped metal pins. They are aligned and have a head stop for maximum locking under load. The head stop also helps limit wear on the inner pin of the connecting rod barrel.

There are three categories of pivot chains. Grade 400 chains are used in wastewater collection systems, while Grade 700 are used in sand and fertilizer spreaders. Grade 400 chain is made of steel, while grade 700 pivot chain is made of cast alloy.

The steel pivot chain has a unique design. Each link has a steel pin that connects to the barrel. The pivots are heat-treated to increase chain strength. It is one of the oldest chain types. Pintle chains come in a variety of grades, from light to heavy duty.

Different grades of steel pintle chains

Steel pintle chains are available in different grades, including grade 400 and grade 800. All these chains are designed for durability and economy. The steel pivot chain also features an open barrel construction that reduces the chance of seizing due to corrosion and sprocket root buildup. Steel pivot chains with open barrel construction are suitable for a wide range of applications, especially for easily packaged materials.

Applications of Pintle Chain

You can apply the pivot chain to different systems. Most of these systems involve collecting, transporting and transporting materials. Due to its design and high strength, pivot chains can handle this type of work.

Beer and Beverage Industry

Cement Industry

Material Hoisting in Port

Palm Oil Industry

Road Construction Industry

Storage System

Sugar Industry

Trenching Machine

Water Treatment Industry

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