Air Conveyor Machine of Beverage Factory

Air Conveyor Machine of Beverage Factory

Air CZPT System’s Description&colon

one&comma The working performance of the creation line is mainly made a decision by the conveying technique&time period When there is occasional quit on the downstream packaging technique &lpare&period G&interval Label change&rpar&comma the forepart of the production line can not be effected&period of time At the identical time&comma the transferring system should hook up the equipments in the forepart and rear portion properly&time period Newamstar’s product is of great rigidity&comma mild excess weight and great exchanging capacity&interval CZPT Method is used for bottles whose diameter is φ 40~φ 110 mm&time period

2&comma Non-force conveying method enables the multi conveying strains turn into one conveying line throughout operate&period of time The electrical handle program adopts PLC to management the managing of loaded bottle conveying&comma to recognize the automatic pace accelerating or slowing and automated buffering&period

CZPT belt &sol chain’s technical features&colon

one&comma Bottle belt is in accordance with the principal equipment or all equipment are on line management&time period

Buffering platform could be established ahead of the labeler &lparthe buffering time is about two~3 minutes&rpar according to the customer’s need to have&period When the label is altered&comma as there is a buffering interval&comma the filling machine in the foreparts needn’t to end as the buffering platform would be done as a storage location&period of time When the label is altered already&comma the labeler will label the bottles in the buffering platform at a large pace and come to perform in accordance with the other equipment&time period

two&comma The transferring belt is of modules design and style&interval The spares have robust interchangeability&time period

The belt is simple to mend and keep with get in touch with framework and reduced sounds&comma ready to deal with diverse bottles&period of time
The design and style of electrical handle is realistic and advanced&interval The electric powered factors and control way could be chosen in accordance to the customer’s need to have&time period

three&comma The manage change is found according to the conveying system’s format and the customer’s need&time period

The main areas of the device are of stainless metal&comma chain technology is of REXCZPT&time period Producers of the motor and reduction box are joint ventures&period Principal electric powered aspects are all from Siemens&time period

Air Conveyor Machine of Beverage Factory