Automatic H Beam Cutting Robot for H-Beam Fasbrication

Automatic H Beam Cutting Robot for H-Beam Fasbrication

Merchandise title : H beam chopping robotic
KR-XH H beam reducing robotic (consist of slicing unit, supplies storage rack, input conveyor roller bed,automatic uploading material method, gripper and liner rails, output conveyor roller mattress and finished merchandise rack program) .
The resources from content storage rack, automated uploading to input conveyor roller mattress, then the material-feeding unit drive components from input ruller mattress immediate to reducing unit underneath the path of liner rails and gripper. When complete cutting, workpieces direct expension to the output conveyor roller mattress, then the four groups trolley will transfer the workpieces to the completed products rack ultimately,finished entire cutting.

pplication :
Material :Carbon steel , stainless metal ,aluminum
Sort : H beam, I beam,U beam, L beam
Business :Particularly for metal composition development, warehouse fabrication, shipbuilding, marine engineering, web construction, constructing walls, bridges, towers and mechanical engineering industries.  ( Below photograph for your reference )

Method Parameters

NO. Item parameter H beam
I beam , Channel beam , Angel beam
Duration: 12m ,feed in 12m  feed out 10m
Internet width: 100- 1000mm

  1. 400mm
three.two Chopping method Plasma/ Oxy-fuel
three.three Plasma source Hypertherm XPR 300A Large definition plasma supply
3.four Plasma slicing thickness Vertical slicing 35  mm,
3.five Oxyfuel chopping thickness Vertical cutting 60mm,
3.six Bevel angle ±45° by plasma ,± sixty by flame
three.7 Chopping size deviation ±1.5mm
three.eight Styles reducing In accordance to the drawings verified by both functions (supplied all at the time of specialized arrangement signing)
Can marking ,slicing off ,cut all form ,)


Handle axis X axis:reducing torch together workpiece front and again shifting axis
Y1 axis:cutting torch together workpiece correct and still left moving axis
Y2 axis:  cutting torch alongside workpiece correct and left transferring axis
Z axis:slicing torch up and down transferring
A axis:cutting torch rotation axis
B axis:slicing torch swing axis
C axis:matereial feeding axis
3.ten Slicing speed ten~2000mm/min
3.eleven Relocating velocity 10~6000 mm/min
3.twelve Load capacity Max.6000Kg
three.thirteen Slicing method Minimize off, bevel, bolt holes, rat holes, slotting,
mitter cut ,Notches,Shallow block coping , cut to length
3.fourteen Call for fuel movement of plasma 4500L/H
3.15 The satisfactory temperature close to -20ºC -50ºC
3.16 Voltage Machine :220/380V ,fifty/60HZ
3.seventeen Kinds of gas Plasma :Air ,
Flame :Oxygen+Acetylene /propane
3.18 National cutting standard ISO9013-2002ISO8206-1991 JB/T10045.4-1999JB
3.19 CZPT sensor system Keyence from Japan ( Planet famous brand )
To inspect the mistake of the beam ,and follow the chopping route  new operate added

Equipment Factors Introduction


one.H beam slicing generation line drawings.

2.Cutting device

Perform:Through the program manage the external axis consists of chopping
                                        head to total the operate of the cutting function.
                                        Components: Mostly consist of WINCOO two-axis C-sort robot head,slicing
                                        station frame, slicing torch and other elements.
                                        Functions: Servo motors driven in every course, precision linear guide rail,
                                        turing complex chopping path into a basic multi-directional fitting keep track of,
                                        running in all instructions basic,great balance, a secure general framework.

Components Storage rack, enter conveyor roller mattress and automated uploading material method

Operate:Give raw substance storage region, and obtain materials computerized uploading
Elements: Consist of five sets roller bed, no- electricity roller, facet positioning wheel .
When the uncooked material into the roller mattress,the workpiece will be despatched to the side of the benchmark to guarantee the accuracy of the workpiece feeding. Supply raw material storage spot,operate the 4 groups of lifting movements and transferring the trolley to the enter roller mattress to complete the automatic loading.
Functions: Basic structure, simple procedure, higher precision feeding, higher efficiency.

Gripper ,and liner rails
Perform:To realise the workpiece computerized feeding.  
Elements:Adopt servo motor management the feeding device, to total the positioning and clamping. The AC motor driven clamping unit lifting up to the positioning level pneumatic clamping.
Features:Computerized clamping, preserving labor. the feeding gadget track making use of precision rails, rack, feeding easy and substantial precision.
Output conveyor roller bed and completed items racks
Purpose:Concluded workpiece discharge and storage area
Elements: Roller frame, electricity roller consists of AC motor conveyor. The workpiece extends from the chopping device on the energy roller. The electricity roller is pushed by the motor by means of the chain to output the workpiece,pushed out of the workpiece, then the 4 teams of trolley will immediately output storage.
Attributes: Give remote system web site, increase cutting performance, preserve labor.


 Machine Management System Configuration
1.Handle program hardware:
   1)CZPT laptop     ZheJiang Advantech industrial computer
   2)Touch display          7 inches coloration display touchscreen
   3)Movement control card   USA PMAC
   4)CZPTal handle cupboard    WINCOO
two.Manage system computer software
   1)Procedure technique           WindowsXP
   2)Handle method and Programe software program        WINCOO AutoPipe
3.Control program capabilities:
   1)3D intersection image
   2)Dynamica reducing simulation
   3)Quickly auto positioning,pause,acclerating,declerating
   4)Original track return
   5)Automated alarm screen and computerized analysis
   6)On the internet and define programming
   7)U disk interface CZPT
Plasma Power resource :
Hyperthrem XPR 300A plasma electricity source , substantial definition source . excellent at hole chopping . vehicle fuel console ( the particulars can deliver independently )
Machine Function Introduction

  • Accomplish A variety of difficult chopping procedure: Minimize off, bevel, bolt holes, rat holes, slotting,

mitter lower ,Notches,Shallow block coping , cut to length…etc.

  • Entirely change band observed, drilling line operation, highly enhance generation effectiveness.

Overlap Treatment method of profile small angle roots.

Profile Rat gap cutting &Lock Coping

  • Complex cutting approach, our computer software are suitable.
  • The ideal Butt-lock in between profiles, management weld seam to make certain item high quality and look.

Set up gap and threading procedure gap one-time processing.

  • Assistance angle and channel metal reducing
  • Solve different styles of cutting
  • arbitrary method drawing can be reducing

           Off-line software program programming

WINCOO Teklapipe has a sturdy profile marking perform

  • Combined with Hypertherm plasma energy marking device, complete auxiliary line, weld line and portion amount mark.
  • Totally replaces the synthetic line, avoids the lofting mistake to result in the mend, ensures the entire task manufacture progress.
  • Integrated Tekla software, WINCOO teklapipe profile nesting , Profile manage method and plasma electrical power combination.
NO. Principal parts of device Brand & model Maker brand name belong
1 Products body WINCOO China
2 CZPT management computer Advantech ZheJiang , China
3 Control technique and computer software WINCOO China
four Servo generate motor Panasonic servo Japan
five Reducer New start off China
6 Plasma Hypertherm XPR300A   United states
 7 CZPT parts  Schneider France
 8 Cable Shuangying Germany
  9 Flame torch Longteng China

Soon after-sales services Warranty

    • The warranty offers shall be two years (24) months from the day of satisfactory set up of equipment for defective factors/workmanship. During one particular 12 months warranty interval, the provider shall be supply totally free fix services in case of failure owing to defective portion/ component and replace faulty element/component totally free of value.
    • In the course of the two calendar year guarantee interval, the Supplier shall be supply cost-free mend service for failure not induced by individual factors (the regional transport, Visa, air ticket, foodstuff, lodging, translation, internet, communication and vacation allowance and so on for overseas users must be borne by the Person. Such expenditures are not incorporated in the quotation) and free substitute for various parts destroyed not thanks to personalized aspects (sent to international users by mail or specific, convey and the price borne by buyers). For the fix for failure happened not inside of the guarantee period of time, specified expenses will be gathered.
    • The NC system possesses the regular functions that meet the standard capabilities of the manage program and
    • optional functions essential for foreseeable future expanded welding. The mechanical portion adopts mixed, replaceable and standardized construction. Via upgrading of application and hardware, and repair and replacement of mechanical device, the equipment can maintain extended expression precision and typical work.
    • Software program upgrades and process improvements shall be presented free of charge of price by supplier to consumer periodically


After Product sales Services

High quality assurance date
We will offer a single-calendar year guarantee and assistance on the web and offline technological assist.If you require, we will ship engineers to help

Business Introduction
Wincoo CZPT Co., Ltd (WINCOO) is engaged in bringing the most ideal answers/equipments for client, fabricators, EPC/C
organizations on pipe fabrication, tank design, pipeline development,industrial manufacturing lines, thoroughly clean power venture and
other industrial area.
OUR Solutions & STRENGTH 
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plan, quality, value and productiveness to ensure production tempo is accordance with project need.
To assist undertaking execution, we are usually ready to perform as fireman to give prompt offer on undertaking resources from different
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in China to look for necessary supply assets.

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Automatic H Beam Cutting Robot for H-Beam Fasbrication