China Pitch 76.7 mm Palm Oil Chain with ce certificate top quality Good price

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Pitch 76.7 mm Palm Oil Chain

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Fulfill or exceed DIN, ANSI, ISO, BS, JS standard, and CZPT chains stand up to the hardest operating environments with several years of trouble-totally free functionality.
We can design and manufacture almost any solution for CZPT transmission issues. We offer you quality, trustworthy products that carry out regularly underneath the harshest situations. Our products are competitively priced, readily CZPT and supply on time, which signifies you get what you want, when you need it.
Sourcing from us provides you revenue, and your CZPT /ODM items are often welcomed, seeking forward to build get-win organization relations with you in the in close proximity to future.
General Standard for Roller Chain:
Reliable Roller
Material 1035, 1045 or 1050
By means of harden with surface area and main 40-45HRC
Shot peening per the spec
Reliable or Split Bushing per the spec
Material 1019M or 1571
Case harden(Carburized) 89HR 15Minimum
Hardness overall situation depth for every the spec
Material 10B21 fantastic grain, 4118 or 8620
Scenario harden(Carburized) 89HR 15Minimum
Hardness total circumstance depth for each the spec
PLATE(Connectors, CZPT s and Sides )
Materials 1045 or 1050
Via harden with area and core 39-45HRC

P P d1(max) b1(min) Pt N N h2(max) Q Q Q
in mm mm mm mm mm KN KN KN
sixty 3/4″ 19.05 11.91 12.70 22.seventy eight 1099 1833 18.08 31.27 sixty two.fifty four 93.81
80 1″ 25.40 15.87 fifteen.88 29.29 1944 3238 24.13 55.sixty 111.twenty 166.eighty
one hundred eleven/4″ 31.75 19.05 19.05 35.seventy six 2825 4715 thirty.eighteen 86.84 173.sixty eight 260.52
one hundred twenty 11/2″ 38.ten 22.22 25.40 forty five.44 3821 6361 36.20 one hundred twenty five.ten 250.20 375.30
one hundred forty 13/4″ 44.forty five 25.4 twenty five.40 forty eight.87 4982 8363 forty two.24 one hundred seventy.27 340.fifty four 510.81
a hundred and sixty 2″ fifty.eighty 28.57 31.seventy five fifty eight.fifty five 6316 10542 48.26 222.forty 444.80 667.20
180 21/4″ fifty seven.fifteen 35.71 35.seventy one sixty five.eighty four 9430 15747 54.31 281.57 563.14 844.71
200 21/2″ sixty three.50 39.67 38.ten seventy one.fifty five 12188 2571 sixty.33 347.41 694.82 1571.23
240 three” 76.20 forty seven.62 forty seven.62 87.83 15747 23931 72.39 five hundred.40 1000.80 1501.30

Here are some positive aspects of chain drives more than belt and gear drives: They can be used for extended and limited distances. Many axles, are driven by chains. They are compact and have a modest general measurement, so even in the occasion of a fire, you will not likely experience any bad issues. Temperature and ambient situations do not influence its operation. Chain drives do not require original pressure. They are extremely successful (up to ninety six%) and have no slip and creep for the duration of transmission, ensuring a best equipment ratio. Chain generate, simple to install. Chain drives are lower routine maintenance, stand up to abrasive situations and work in moist circumstances
China Pitch 76.7 mm Palm Oil Chain with ce certification prime high quality Great price tag