China wholesaler Factory Black Grade 80 En818-2 Alloy Steel Lifting CZPT Chain

Product Description

6mm 10mm 16mm 19mm 20mm alloy steel short chain welded heavy iron black load EN818-2G80 lifting chain


1. Material :20Mn2 alloy steel


2. Standard: EN818-2


3. Size: 6-42 mm


4. Surface: black, self-colored, galvanized


5. Breaking load: 45-2200 kN


6. Packing: iron drums, wooden cases, woven bags


7. Delivery time :15-20 working days

Detailed Photos

PRDUCT NAME Grade 80 lifting Chain high strength CHINAMFG chain
STHangZhouRD High quality alloy containing Cr, Ni, Mo
Strength grade G80
PACKING Plywood reel/plastic reel/plastic drum/gunny bag/iron drum+plywood pallet/iron pallet
FINISH Self-colored,Paint,Black,Galvanized,Yellow.
OEM Accepct.
MOQ 1-5t according to the size you need.
Mark G43,G63,G70,G80 each 20 links or according to your requirements.
ADVANTAGE 1.High and homogen tensile strength
2.Exellent core ducitility
3.Long service life
4.Safety factor: Min.4:1
5.Do 2.4 times of WLL manufacturing validation strength tensile test.


1. Q: Are you a factory or a trading company?
A: We are a factory established in 1993. We specialize in producing all kinds of llifting equipments and rigging hardwares, such as electric hoist, manual hoist, stainless steel hoist, electric winch, hand pallet truck, manual stacker, electric stacker, lifting chains, lifting hook, webbing sling, chain rigging sling and so on. 

2. Q: Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?
A: Our factory is located in HangZhou City, ZheJiang Province, China, About 1 hour’s drive from ZheJiang . All our clients, from home or abroad, are warmly welcome to visit us.

3. Q: Can you do OEM?
A: Yes, we can do OEM products. Any customized size, packaging and logos are welcomed.

4. Q: How do you control your quality?

A: Quality is priority. Our factory people always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end:

(1) All raw material we used are environmental-friendly;
(2) Skillful workers care every details in handling the producing and packing process;
(3) Quality Control Department special responsible for quality checking in each process.

5. Q: What are your advantages compared with others?

A: ISO Quality Management System Certificated Factory:
(1) CE Certification and Assessed Factory

(2) Focused on rigging since 1993, Rich experience in Production.

(3) Owned factory, the same quality product, the best price.

(4) Timely Delivery with the support of 5000 square meter warehouse.

(5) Numerous Patents in Rigging Hardware. Be Good at Custom-Made and Standard Products.

(6)Over 10 Professional Staff in Trading Team, Let’s enjoy worry-free and effective communication.

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Usage: Lifting Chain
Material: Alloy
Surface Treatment: Polishing
Feature: Heat Resistant
Chain Size: 1/2"*3/32"
Structure: Welded Chain


Customized Request

Can pitch chains be used in the aerospace and aviation industries?

Yes, pitch chains can be used in the aerospace and aviation industries for various applications. Despite the precision and critical requirements of these industries, pitch chains offer several advantages that make them suitable for specific uses. Here are some ways pitch chains are used:

  • Landing Gear Systems: Pitch chains are commonly used in the landing gear systems of aircraft. They help retract and extend the landing gear during takeoff and landing. The high tensile strength and reliability of pitch chains make them ideal for this crucial application.
  • Flight Control Systems: Pitch chains play a vital role in the flight control systems of aircraft. They are used to transmit torque and motion between the cockpit controls and the control surfaces, such as ailerons, elevators, and rudders. The precise and smooth operation of pitch chains is essential for ensuring precise control during flight.
  • Engine Components: In certain aircraft engines, pitch chains are used to drive various engine components, such as the camshaft and accessory drives. These chains must be durable and capable of withstanding the demanding conditions within an aircraft engine.
  • Helicopter Rotor Systems: Some helicopters utilize pitch chains in their rotor systems. The pitch chains help adjust the blade angles, enabling the helicopter to perform maneuvers effectively.
  • Door and Hatch Mechanisms: Pitch chains can be found in aircraft doors and hatches, assisting in their opening and closing operations.

When using pitch chains in the aerospace and aviation industries, manufacturers must ensure that the chains meet rigorous safety and performance standards. These chains often undergo stringent testing and inspections to ensure they can withstand the unique operating conditions and high loads experienced during flight. Regular maintenance and adherence to industry regulations are essential to ensure the safe and reliable operation of pitch chains in these critical applications.

China wholesaler Factory Black Grade 80 En818-2 Alloy Steel Lifting CZPT Chain  China wholesaler Factory Black Grade 80 En818-2 Alloy Steel Lifting CZPT Chain
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