Mechanical Level Gauge Boiler Water Level Meter Float Type Level Switch

Mechanical Level Gauge Boiler Water Level Meter Float Type Level Switch

Mechanical amount gauge boiler drinking water degree meter float type level switch 

     Magnetic Liquid Water Level Indicator software produced based on the basic principle of buoyancy and magnetic coupling. When the calculated level in the container actions, the dominant tube stage gauge also will lift the float, the permanent magnet within the float is transferred by magnetic subject coupling, driving the purple, white turned columns flip one hundred eighty degrees, when when the liquid amount rises, the column turned from white to crimson when the level drops, the column turned from red to white, pointer crimson, white circles found at the medium amount of the genuine top of the container, in purchase to accomplish the level guidelines.
     Magnetic Liquid H2o Amount Indicator electrical signal is executed by a combination of the remote and fundamental level remote gadget. The level distant unit by the UR-variety resistance sensors and UB variety R / I converter modules, the indicator in the sort of bundled set to the outdoors of the major conduit UHZ sort stage gauge magnetic flap so that it is degree depend the exact same magnetic coupling technique. When the magnetic float moves up and down with the liquid stage, the stage corresponding to the situation of the reed that is the role of the magnetic discipline inside of the float pull resistor chain resistance to change by switching module will change the resistance signal into a regular two-wire four ~ 20mADC output signal, the sign can be simply and III-sort electrical instrument, show instrument supporting the use, can also be indicative of the mild beam, the digital exhibit regulator supporting the use of alarm, so as to screen, control, regulation and alarm reasons. 

CZPT Parameters 

Model Magnetic Liquid Drinking water Degree Indicator
Selection 123(m)
Content M1-SS304
Output AH-upper alarm
AL-lower alarm
AHL-upper and lower alarm
Installation S-facet-mounted
Sensor temperature N-10ºC~200 ºC of Magnetic Liquid Water Level Indicator
H-Large temperature-10ºC~350ºC

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Primary CZPT Parameters 

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Mechanical Level Gauge Boiler Water Level Meter Float Type Level Switch