Screw Co Eyor Rice Belt Conveyor

Screw Co Eyor Rice Belt Conveyor


     Belt conveyor can be manufactured in accordance to your needs for output,peak,lenght and other special requirements,which attribute of exceptional sealability,provision of put on-resistant system on places
in get in touch with with resources,firmness sturdiness and easy mounting and dismounting for substitute,is extensively utilised in much industries as rice milling,flour milling,feedding stuff,warehousing and wharves.

Can be broadly used in chemical industry, developing components, coal, light business,

foodstuff , medication and other fields, used to transport all sorts of powder and modest

piece of content, th content temperature is less than two hundred .These kinds of as: pulverized

coal, cement, sand, plastic particles, grains and so on.Not suitable for conveying

metamorphic, viscous, straightforward to agglomerat or high temperatur stress

corrosion of specific resources. The wringing dragon conveyor is ideal for

horizontal conveying, inclined conveying and rtical conv ying of granular or  powd ry materials.



Screw Co Eyor Rice Belt Conveyor