Carboxy Methyl Cellulose Sodium CMC for Textile

Carboxy Methyl Cellulose Sodium CMC for Textile

Carboxy Methyl Cellulose Sodium  CMC for Textile

Carboxy Methyl Cellulose(CMC) is synthesized by the alkali-catalyzed response of cellulose with chloroacetic acid. The polar (natural and organic acid) carboxyl teams render the cellulose soluble and chemically reactive. The useful homes of Fooding Carboxy Methyl Cellulose(CMC) count on the diploma of substitution of the cellulose composition (i.e., how several of the hydroxyl groups have taken portion in the substitution reaction), as properly as the chain length of the cellulose backbone structure and the degree of clustering of the carboxymethyl substituents.

Oil Drilling Quality CMC
Actual physical and Chemical Indexes of Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose for Drilling Fluid.(Execute SY5093-92 CZPT)

Physical appearance White or mild yellow powder, freely flowable
Replace degrees(D. S) .80 min
Purity eighty% min eighty five% min 95% min
Viscosity two%
(in 2% answer at twenty five centigrade)
two hundred-five hundred mpa.s 600-900 mpa.s a thousand-1800 mpa.s
Measurement(60 head) eighty%
Dampness (%) 10% max
PH seven.-9. 7.-nine. six.5-eight.


Class Merchandise Index
Distilled water Salt h2o Saturated salt drinking water
Oil-based mud Filtration loss,ml 60±10 90±10 100±10
Apparent viscosity,mpa.s ≤6 ≤6 ≤10
PH eight.0±1. eight.0±1. seven.5±1.
HV-CMC Pulping charge,m³/t ≥200 ≥150 ≥160
LV-CMC Filtration loss
Dosage,g/l ≤7. ≤10.
Apparent viscosity,mpa.s ≤4. ≤6.
MV-CMC Dosage,g/l 6. 14. three.5
Evident viscosity,mpa.s ≥15 ≥15 ≥15
Filtration reduction,ml ≤9 ≤9 ≤8

Observe:Perform OCMA NO.DFCP-two/NO.DFCP-seven CZPT.

Solution performance and attributes:

CMC has a high capacity to control h2o reduction. In particular, PAC is a highly successful fluid decline reducer at decrease dosages. You can handle the loss of h2o to a higher stage. It does not have an effect on other properties of the mud.

The fashioned mud cake is of great high quality, powerful and challenging.

It has great temperature resistance and superb salt resistance. Underneath a specific salt focus, it nonetheless has a good potential to minimize water reduction and preserve a specific rheology. In comparison to soluble in salt water and soluble in drinking water, the viscosity hardly modifications. Particularly suited for offshore drilling and deep nicely demands.

It can nicely management the rheological houses of the mud. It has great non-Newtonian fluidity.

In addition, KELAIDE® CMC is utilized as a cementing fluid to avoid fluids from getting into pores and fractures. It is used as a fracturing fluid to manage fluid loss into the well.

Building grade CMC

Physical appearance White or gentle yellow powder, freely flowable
Purity seventy five-eighty five% min seventy five-90% min eighty-90% min
Viscosity two%
(in 2.five% remedy at 30 centigrade)
300-five hundred mpa.s four hundred-700 mpa.s 800-1200 mpa.s
Moisture (%) 7-10% six-10% seven-10%


Design two% viscosity,mpa.s PH Loss on drying,% Purity%
KLD7 600-800 7-nine ≤10 ≥65
KLD8-2 ≥800 seven-9 ≤10 ≥70
KLD8-4 800-1200 7-9 ≤10 ≥80
KLDT04 ≥450 eight-ten ≤10  
KLDT02 250-three hundred 8-10 ≤10  
KLD348 ≥300 8-12 ≤40  
KLD248 one hundred-two hundred 8-twelve ≤40  
KLD148 40-100 8-twelve ≤40  

Note:we can create it according to your needs.

one. “KELAIDE®” CMC is utilized to h2o-based latex paint. It can satisfy the rheological homes of a particular movement underneath the motion of brush or roller shear force.
2. It can control viscosity and suspension.
three. CZPTly, CMC accounts for one-three% in water-dependent paints and coatings.

Business profile:
HangCZPT Guangtong Cellulose Co., Ltd. is a large-tech chemical organization. The organization is located in Houpengtou village, HangCZPT CZPT, ZheJiang Province. The setting is stunning. The fruits are aromatic in all seasons. The business is located in fifty kilometers west of the provincial cash HangCZPT and three hundred kilometers north of the cash ZheJiang . And Shihuang Expressway, Nationwide Highway 307 and Shide Railway pass via the city location. Which has an useful geographical spot and hassle-free transportation. The organization covers an region of 40,000 sq. meters and has RMB 30 million in fastened belongings. There are far more than 200 personnel and 30 professionals of different types, including sixteen middle and higher-tech professionals. Robust financial toughness and plentiful human assets have laid the foundation for the company’s extended-phrase advancement.
The firm launched a huge-scale automatic production line from Germany, specializing in the production of redispersible polymer powder, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, and polycarboxylic acid drinking water reducer. Our goods are widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, building resources, design, paint, cosmetics, agriculture, military and other industries. Our factory has advanced production tools, tests tools, robust technical power, ample R & D personnel and independent analysis and growth capabilities. Item good quality has arrived at the global leading degree. Our merchandise promote nicely each at property and overseas and have received broad acclaim.


Carboxy Methyl Cellulose Sodium CMC for Textile