China Factory-Blend Softener Emulsion Rg-Hqd

China Factory-Blend Softener Emulsion Rg-Hqd

Block silicone oil RG-HQD/35

Solution overview:
This item is a softener for blended materials, polymerized with siloxane, polyamine, polyether. It is exceptional efficiency are large fluffy, gentle, thick and sleek. It can be utilised alone or compound with cation, non-ionic. 

Physical and chemical index:
Visual appeal: Colorless clear liquid
Ionicity: Weak cation/nonionic
PH: six. ~ 7.
Articles: 35%
Solubility: Soluble in h2o

one. Extended chain linear chemical framework, great area covering and permeability on fabric
two. Outstanding compatibility with common textile auxiliaries
3. In the process of operation, there is no sticking on roller or cylinder, no floating oil and demulsification
four. Extremely lower yellowing, specially appropriate for comfortable finishing for white or gentle-coloured and whitened materials
5. Substantial temperature resistance, large acid and alkali resistance, electrolyte resistance, high shear resistance, no stratification, secure overall performance
6. It can endow resilient and washable fluffy, sleek, comfortable and elastic style, and makes fabrics hydrophilic and enhance the tear energy
seven. It has large fluffy and delicate influence for the material with acrylic fiber, fiber, acrylic fiber, cotton, silk, polyester.
eight. Non-APEO or NPEO.

1. Following-finishing on synthetic fibers yarns and materials these kinds of as cotton, silk, wool, polyester and acrylic blended in the dyeing factory
2. Comfortable finishing on denims, clean cloth, sweaters, etc in washing mill.
3. Gentle ending on knitted fabrics in knitting manufacturing unit. Grow to the width of fabrics, but will not deformation.

Use: (Calculated by thirty% content material)
Dipping: 2-five%(O.W.F) bathtub ratio: one:10-15,
Temperature: area temperature, time :15 ~ 30min, PH: underneath six., the influence is far better.
Padding: ten-50g/L dip rolling or dip rolling.
(This method is for reference only, end users require to make their very own experiments just before creation).

Packing, storage and transportation:
160kg in one plastic drum, avert insolating and freezing, hold in a cool and dry spot, seal and keep The shelf existence is 6 months.
This solution is environmentally welcoming, non-harmful and can be transported securely.

China Factory-Blend Softener Emulsion Rg-Hqd