Japan. Brand I. S. U. Z. U Recovery Truck Mounted with Knuckle 5 Ton Crane and Roll Back Flatbed Wrecker Euro 5.6. Engine

Japan. Brand I. S. U. Z. U Recovery Truck Mounted with Knuckle 5 Ton Crane and Roll Back Flatbed Wrecker Euro 5.6. Engine

JAPAN.Brand I.S.U.Z.U CZPTvery Truck Mounted with Knuckle  5 Ton Crane and Roll Back Flatbed Wrecker  CZPT 5.6. Motor

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 4×2 left driving or 4×4 offroad

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flat mattress restoration truck


Flat plate wrecker information   

Tech 1 
I.S.U.Z.U Wrecker Truck ELF Flat Mattress Towing Vans
Street wrecker (also known as tow truck, breakdown truck, recovery truck, breakdown lorry, wrecker, law enforcement rescue truck,  flatbed tow truck, growth truck, wheel-carry wrecker ) is employed to transport motor automobiles or the cars that are broken down.
Primarily based on the kind or dimension of vehicle to be towed, wreckers are generally created into two sorts. one particular is Flat Bed Carrier, the other is combine CZPTvery Truck 360 diploma rotator. or flat Mattress Truck With Crane.
The specification of JAPAN.I.S.U.Z.U CZPTvery Truck Mounted with Knuckle X.C.M.G.5 Ton Crane: 
JAPAN.I.S.U.Z.U CZPTvery Truck Mounted with Knuckle X.C.M.G.five Ton Crane
JAPAN.I.S.U.Z.U FTR wrecker truck chassis specification:

Series wheelbase Cabin Model Tools
3900 JAPAN.I.S.U.Z.U FTR With one particular bed QL1160VKFRY JAPAN.I.S.U.Z.U 4HK1-TC51 EURO 5 Motor,205HP
air condition/energy steering
central locking
electrical windows
steam brake
USB audio
six.3T entrance axle, 13T rear axle.
spacious cab flip
body cross-segment: 258 * eighty five * 10 + 4mm
tire: ten.00R20, optional eleven.00R22.5
4500 QL1160VMFRY
4700 QL1160VNFRY
5000 QL1160VNFRY
5550 QL1160VQFRY

Optional X.C.M.G.Knuckled boom crane for JAPAN.I.S.U.Z.U FTR Wrecker Truck:

Crane Model Max.
Lifting excess weight
lifting peak
lifting radius
SQZ32 2 7.5 four.78 Rack-cylinder
SQZ68 three.2 eight.five 5.69
SQZ68 3.2 10 seven.three
SQZ84 four ten.2 seven.3
SQZ105 five 11 eight CZPT, 360 diploma rotation
SQZ105 5 twelve.8 nine.92
SQZ132 six.3 11 8
SQZ132 six.three thirteen 9.92
SQZ160 8 thirteen 9.seventy five CZPT, 360 diploma rotation, with overhead seat

Wrecker products specification:

Platform size (mm) 5600*2300
System electricity stroke( mm) 2680
Min angle of system seven.6
Max. Lifting Capability (kg) 3000-4000
Winch score pulling capability(kg) 4000
Wire rope duration 21m
Max. beneath-hoist helpful length (mm) 1300
Ranking under-hoisting capability (kg) 2750
Max. Beneath-hoisting ability (kg) 1500
Score beneath-pulling ability (kg) 8275


Sliding platform wrecker tow truck could handing two breakdown or destroyed cars at 1 time. the sliding system could make 8° load angle to hauling the vehicle on to the bed.


There are five generally used wrecker tow truck , usually relying on the sort or size of the recovery wrecker :

1st type : Growth towing truck

– use adjustable arms and winches to retract autos from ditches, embankments, or any motor vehicle that can’t arrive securely. Some booms are mounted, some hefty rotating racks, hydraulic telescopic tubes, others. In the earlier increase, vans utilized the “hook chain” technique, the chain around the body or axle, and then hoisted by the winch. A large rubber pad is attached to the truck and truck so that it can be towed on to other bridges.” Slings and belts are an evolution, replacing areas of chains with rubber belts.  slings did not use as well considerably nowadays since they could shave bumper autos. But they are occasionally employed in wrecker accidents provider or have one or two front wheels or rear wheels lacking or pickups and other cars have metal bumpers. Outfitted with all wheel push, the truck is towed away, unable to use the machine string, due to the fact it can make the automobile power transmission program issues.  

2nd type :Wheel raise wrecker towing truck  

(also called “glasses”) – from the chain hook strategy to make a big steel frame, can be installed in the front or rear below the cradle, rendering automobiles by pneumatic or hydraulic hoist can drag the ground distinct front or rear. The unit generally picks up the wheel of the car (i.e., entrance wheel, if it is entrance wheel push, rear wheel, if it is rear wheel drive), and contacts the tire.   wheel raise wrecker tow truck  are common in china cradles are like eyeglasses. Medium and heavy-responsibility trucks use versions, “underlift” or “chassis raise”, in which the elevator shaft or frame is not the wheel. A forklift truck can be used as an adapter or a elevate chassis.  

3rd variety :Integration towing truck  (also acknowledged as “Self Loader wrecker equipment“, “Snatcher towing car“, “swift selection tow truck” or “roll back again wrecker“) – the arm and wheel elevate together. Employed of light-weight trucks to recuperate or end vehicles. Most of the truck’s cab products is managed so that the pickup truck does not depart the truck to link the vehicle.  large vans are also manufactured making use of built-in lifts.

Forth kind –Flat plates wrecker truck  (also acknowledged as “rolling back again tow truck” or “sliding tow truck“) – the entire again of the truck is fitted with a bed that can be hydraulically tilted down to the ground, enabling the motor vehicle to be positioned underneath its very own energy or pulled up by the winch. [nine] because they carry, instead than traction autos, it can be entirely mounted in the United States, they carry serious damage to vehicle mishaps.

Fifth variety —Lifting system  wrecker truck the derricks elevate the motor vehicle vertically and use the wheel lift to load it on the mattress. In CZPTpe, this vehicle can remove the parallel parking of automobiles.



Japan. Brand I. S. U. Z. U Recovery Truck Mounted with Knuckle 5 Ton Crane and Roll Back Flatbed Wrecker Euro 5.6. Engine