Orange Washing Waxing Size Sorting Machine

Orange Washing Waxing Size Sorting Machine

This device by the conveyor machine and grading machine factors, conveyor speed management can send out garlic speed.Equipment secure overall performance, robust overload capability, the use of simple, optimize reduce labor charges.

device can be use to sorting garlic and other materials into diverse quality in accordance to garlic measurement . for equipment use mesh to sorting garlic , not harm garlic , and for the size can be adjustable according to consumer requirement . for the broken rate is very lower . New design fruit sorting device grader for sale Day sorting equipment

computerized vegetable and fruit sorting machine

lemon Grading device

Mango sorting device

apple grader plant

onion grading machine 

orange sorting machine 


1.The equipment applys roller classification, fast and successful.

2.It will change the dimensions of the vegeatable and fruit that the customer would like to sort, can do multi-class sorting.

3. It operates fluently CZPT stop and omit, output 2000kg to 4000kg/h.

4. The putting on parts of the equipment are all with intercontinental standard, the conveyor chain,bearings, framework are all produced of stainless metal 304, all sorts of air cylinder equipped are standard common parts which can be purchased all in excess of the word.  


CZPT parameter of the New type fruit sorting equipment grader for sale Date sorting machine:

Model :WT-3000



Machine size:3600mm*1150mm*1200mm

Machine weight:1200kg

vegetable and fruit sorting machine

onion grading machine

orange sorting device

Style CAN BE Created AS Buyer Request

Orange Washing Waxing Size Sorting Machine