Steel Pintle Chain

600-Class Pintle Chain

As one of the steel pintle chains with sawtooth plates manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of mechanical products, We offer steel pintle chains and many other products.

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Our Grade 600 Pintle Chains offer superior performance, strength, and durability compared to other Grade 600 steel pivot chains. We offer imported and domestic versions of these chains. These are the most commonly used types of pivot chains because they provide such high strength and long runs. These chains are commonly used in agricultural applications, sand spreaders, fertilizer spreaders, salt spreaders, conveyors, forage harvesters, baggers, live bottom trailers, and many more applications. If you need a complete trailer assembly with welded attachments or slats, we can supply these, and we also stock 600-grade pintle sprockets, attachments, and chain breakers.

Our 600-Class Pintle Chain Benefits:

  • Fully heat-treated parts
  • Quad-staked pins
  • Open barrel design
  • Smooth operation

Stock 600-Class Pintle Chains

History of Steel Pintle Chain

In terms of industrial technology, the Industrial Revolution refers to the transition from old technology to new technology in Britain, continental Europe, and the United States, from around 1760 to some time between 1820 and 1840.
This transition brought about a shift from manual to machine production, the development of new chemical manufacturing and steel production processes, the increase in steam and water power, the development of machine tools, and the rise of mechanized factory systems, among others.
In the second half of the 18th century, limited innovation is credited with starting the Industrial Revolution.

By the 1830s, significant advances had been achieved in many essential technologies, which included:

  •  Textile
  •  Steam Power
  •  Iron Making
  •  The invention of Machine Tools

Benefits of the Pintle Chain

Pintle chains offer several advantages that make them suitable for use in a wide variety of situations involving heavy workloads and environments with corrosive resistant materials.

Pintle chain can handle abrasive temperatures

Many agricultural and industrial applications require materials to withstand harsh conditions while remaining efficient and reducing wear. The simple design of the pin chain ensures minimal contact between the pin and the surface of the transmission gear. This feature reduces chain link seizure caused by constant grinding and scraping.

High strength to withstand heavy shock loads

The pintle chain is constructed to handle sudden and sharp increases in load without breaking, even with these significant changes. This strength is helpful in high-wear applications like mining, where broken chains can lead to fatal accidents. The load thresholds and flexibility of these chains enable them to be applied to specific use cases.

Support for conveying materials over long distances

In situations such as palm oil and sugar – where you need to transport large amounts of material over long distances – slow movements or repairs along the conveyor line can stop and delay your work. The pivot chain provides sufficient reinforcement for moving these items efficiently and easily, allowing you to move materials quickly.