Tube Shape Small Screw Conveyor for Sale

Tube Shape Small Screw Conveyor for Sale

Description of Tube Shape Modest Screw CZPT for Sale

A screw conveyor’s main function is to transfer bulk components from one approach to one more. Screw conveyors are extremely price-powerful and require minimal routine maintenance to run.  

Subject needing consideration
[conveying length]:significantly less than thirty meter
[conveying temperature]: considerably less than 200ºC
[conveying capacity]:considerably less than 100m³/h
[application industry]:suited for different industries: food, chemical, electrical electrical power, metallurgy, mining etc…

Characteristics for screw conveyor
(1) Installation, disassemble and servicing is quite hassle-free, and minimal failure fee
(two) Simple structure, tiny size, so the occupied location and area is not extremely huge
(3) Can have multiple feeding port and discharging port as necessary
(4) Effortless to sort the generation line, can be linked with packaging gear, storage products, mixing equipment or screening gear
(5) can be CZPT with hopper or managing wheels and other individuals

CZPT parameter

Tube type screw conveory LS108 LS133 LS160
Diameter(mm) 108 133 one hundred sixty
screw-pitch(mm) eighty one hundred and five 130


Handling capacity(mthree/h) 

  fifteen 30 forty five sixty eighty 15 thirty 45 60 80 15 thirty 45 60 80
35 .51 .41 .33 .25 .2 1.07 .87 .7 .62 .forty six 2.twelve one.71 one.38 one.23 .91
forty five .sixty five .53 .43 .38 .28 one.38 1.eleven .9 .8 .59 two.72 2.19 one.77 1.58 1.17
75 1.09 .88 .seventy one .63 .47 two.3 one.86 one.five one.33 .ninety nine four.fifty three three.sixty six two.ninety six 2.63 one.ninety five
95 1.38 one.1 .9 .8 .fifty nine 2.92 two.35 one.nine one.sixty nine 1.26 5.seventy four four.sixty three 3.seventy four 3.33 2.47
a hundred and twenty one.74 one.41 1.1 1 .75 three.sixty eight 2.ninety seven 2.four 2.14 1.59 7.twenty five 5.eighty five four.seventy three 4.two 3.twelve
one hundred forty two.03 one.sixty one 1.33 1.two .88 four.3 three.forty seven two.eight two.forty nine 1.85 eight.forty six 6.82 5.fifty two four.91 3.sixty four

Purpose of screw conveyor
Screw conveyors are volumetric conveying gadgets. Each revolution of the screw discharges a set volume of materials. The objective of a screw conveyor is to transfer item from a single point to the subsequent. Screw conveyors are often manage fed at the inlet by yet another conveyor or uniform handbook feeding.

For Choosing distinct variety according to your unique scenario:
Variety one: Horizontal type
Kind two: Inclined variety
Kind three: Mixed variety
Sort 4: Tube variety
Type five: U condition
Sort 6: Hopper types 

How to get one set of screw conveyor for you:
one. What’s identify of bulk material and the qualities? These kinds of as coal, cement, stone, grain etc.
two. Length from inlet to outlet? These kinds of as 5m,20m,50m,100m and many others.
3. How significantly about the capacity? These kinds of as 5t/h, 10t/h, 20t/h and so forth.
4. How much about the max inclined angle? Such as 5°,10°,15°,25° etc.
Tell us people data and let’s make the proper answer for you.

Dear consumers, if you have the screening and conveying difficulties to be solved, deliver e-mails now.


Tube Shape Small Screw Conveyor for Sale