with Foam Timing Belt

with Foam Timing Belt

As 1 of the most outstanding synchronous belts suppliers of Asia&comma Jbosun can give you all kinds of belts&comma industrial synchronous belts&comma transmission belt&comma rubber synchronous belts&comma PU synchronous belts&comma double-sided synchronous belts&comma special synchronous belts &lparblocks&comma Sponge&comma PU glue&comma PVC attractive pattern&comma rubber and all kinds of content can be included on the area of belt&rpar&comma automotive belt&comma ribbed V-belts&comma and matching aluminum synchronous pulley&comma steel synchronous pulley&comma copper synchronous pulley&comma locking assembles&comma taper bushing series&period Also we are ready to process in accordance to customer’s blueprint&interval

Our items are broadly applied to stability&comma glass ceramic&comma wood&comma steel plastic&comma printing&comma packaging&comma textile&comma meals&comma tobacco&comma instrument&comma interaction and cable&comma electronics&comma auto&comma sports and other industries of mechanical transmission&period of time

We offer you&colon

1&time period Model&colon MXL&comma XL&comma L&comma H&comma XH&comma AT5&comma AT10&comma T5&comma T10&comma T20
two&period Material&colon Polyurethane
3&period of time Brand Name&colon Jbosun
four&period of time Location of Origin&colon HangCZPT China &lparMainland&rpar
5&period Packaging Depth&colon Export Carton
6&interval Shipping and delivery Depth&colon About seven Times soon after receiving thirty&percnt T&solT payment in advance
Special synchronous belt item category&colon &colon
Include block specific timing belt&comma punch synchronous belt and rubber synchronous belt thickening synchronous belt extension synchronous belt

Chemical Homes
one&interval Anti-getting older&comma water-resistant resolution&comma stop UVA&comma avert ozone&comma &comma UVA
two&interval Functioning temperature&colon -30~&plus80degree&comma can withstand highest 11odegree inside quick time&colon -30degree~&plus80&plus110degree
three&interval Highly avoid oil & grease
4&period of time Resistance to most acid&comma alkali corrosion

Utilised in Textile&comma Printing and Chemical Machine and Health-related Equipment&comma and so forth&time period

                                                                                       Timing  Belt
Type Pitch  Tooth top Belt thickness
pb&lparmm&rpar ht&lparmm&rpar hs&lparmm&rpar
MXL two&period032 &period51 one&period14
XL five&period08 one&period27 two&period3
XXL three&period175 &period76 one&period52
L nine&period525 1&period91 3&period6
H twelve&period7 two&period29 4&period3
XH 22&period225 six&period35 eleven&period2
XXH 31&period75 nine&period53 15&period7
T2&period5 2&period5 &period7 1&period3
T5 five one&period2 two&period2
T10 10 2&period5 four&period5
T20 twenty 5 eight
AT5 5 one&period2 two&period7
AT10 10 two&period5 five
AT20 twenty five eight
Arc toothHTD 2M 2 &period75 1&period36
3M 3 1&period22 2&period4
5M 5 two&period06 3&period8
8M eight three&period36 6
14M 14 six&period02 10
20M twenty 8&period4 thirteen&period2
Arc tooth STD S2M two &period76 one&period36
S3M 3 one&period14 2&period2
S5M five one&period91 3&period4
S8M eight 3&period05 five&period3
S14M 14 5&period3 10&period2
Arc tooth RPP RPP3M 3 one&period15 one&period9
RPP5M 5 one&period95 3&period5
RPP8M eight 3&period2 five&period5
RPP14M 14 6 ten

with Foam Timing Belt