China OEM High Tensile Alloy Steel Lifting CZPT Link Chains

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          G80 High Tensile Alloy Steel Lifting  Link Chain

CHINAMFG link chains

2. Material: 20Mn2. 
3.Color: black or self color



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Product name:Grade 80 High Test Chain

Place of origin:ZheJiang ,China.

Material:Alloy Steel 20Mn2,25MNV



Standard:Grade 80 High Test Chain

Stock:There are emergency stocks for regular sizes.

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Packing :25/50 kg 1 Gunny bag,several bags on 1 pallet(500kg 1 iron drum,2
drums on a iron pallet;plastic drum+pallet;plastic/wooden roll+pallet.

Payment term:30% advanced by T/T,the balance should be paid after see the copy of the
B/L;L/C at sight;Western Union.

Delivery time:Usually within 15-30days according to your required size&quantity.

Using range:Protection;Lifting;Traction etc.

Package: Gunny bag, wooden case, plastic drum, iron drum, plastic reel, bundle, pallet.

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Usage: for Lifting
Material: Alloy
Surface Treatment: Oil Blooming
Feature: Fire Resistant
Chain Size: 6-34mm
Structure: Welded Chain
US$ 0/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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Can steel chains be used in the mining and mineral processing industries?

Yes, steel chains are commonly used in the mining and mineral processing industries due to their strength, durability, and versatility. They play a crucial role in various material handling and conveying applications in these industries.

Mining operations involve the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth’s surface or underground deposits. In such operations, large quantities of materials need to be transported over long distances, and steel chains are well-suited for this purpose.

Some of the key applications of steel chains in the mining and mineral processing industries include:

  • Conveyor Systems: Steel chains are used in conveyor systems to transport bulk materials, such as coal, ores, rocks, and minerals, from one location to another. These chains can handle heavy loads and provide reliable material transfer, making them essential components in mining operations.
  • Bucket Elevators: Bucket elevators are commonly used to vertically lift and transport materials in mining and mineral processing facilities. Steel chains with appropriate attachments are employed in these elevators to ensure efficient and continuous material handling.
  • Drag Chain Conveyors: Drag chain conveyors are used to move materials horizontally or at inclines. They are widely used in the mining industry for transporting bulk materials, such as limestone, gravel, and sand.
  • Apron Feeders: Apron feeders use steel chains to extract and feed bulk materials from hoppers or bins to downstream processes. They are commonly used in mineral processing plants.
  • Haulage Chains: In underground mining, haulage chains are used to pull heavy loads, such as mine carts or shuttle cars, along the mine shafts.
  • Crushers and Screens: Steel chains with specialized designs are utilized in crushers and screens to ensure smooth and efficient operation.

Steel chains used in the mining and mineral processing industries are often designed to withstand harsh conditions, such as dust, abrasion, and heavy impact. They may be coated or treated to enhance their resistance to corrosion and wear.

In summary, steel chains are indispensable components in the mining and mineral processing industries, providing efficient and reliable material handling solutions for various applications throughout the mining process.

China OEM High Tensile Alloy Steel Lifting CZPT Link Chains  China OEM High Tensile Alloy Steel Lifting CZPT Link Chains
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